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Mangalanath Liyanaarchchi

Mangalanath Liyanaarchchi who joined media field in 2002 as Trincomale reporter of ‘Lanka Sunday’ newspaper, since 2004 works as the Trincomale reporter of ‘Lakbima’ newspaper. At present he contributes to local and International media organizations such as Sirasa, Independent Television Network, Lakbima, Maubima, AFP, AP and Reuter TV. He has been trained on media through courses and workshops conducted by BBC, Young Asia Television, Sri Lanka Press Institute and Transparency International. Mangalanath has won, Public Service Journalism Award 2006 (First and fifth place, Eastern province, Public Service Journalism Award 2008 (Fifth place, Eastern province, Human Rights Journalism Reporting 2008(Runner up award, North and Eastern provinces, Journalism Excellence Award 2014 (special skills). Before joining media, he was a Medical Assistant of the Medical Corp of Sri Lanka Army.
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