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Melani Manel Perera

She commenced her communication career since her school days and enhanced her communication skills by following Diploma in Journalism from the Colombo University and from the National Youth Services Council. She begins her professional media career as a radio program producer, news and program presenter and as a news editor from Veritas Radio which broadcast from Manila in Philippines, in 1098. After working there for seven years, she joins in 2006, as a reporter of Asian Catholic News Service. She also works as a Human Rights activist. In that year she wrote for ‘Ravaya’ newspaper, magazines and publications. She works as the Sri Lanka reporter of Asia News which operates from Rome, since 2007 up to now. She is also a photographer and the Assistant Editor as well as news compiler of ‘Aithiya’ Human Rights web site.
In Conversation with Dr. Ajantha Perera
Representation of Women’s Voices is an Essential Task & Responsibility
26.11.2019  |  Politics
Looking to Heaven for Deliverance
Prayers of the Sisters of the North
25.11.2019  |  Society
In Conversation with Dalton Madanayaka
A Buddhist in Church
12.11.2019  |  Society
In Conversation with Moulavi Lafir Madani
The Responsibility of Muslims to Defeat Extremism
11.10.2019  |  Society
Selling Sorrow
Effects of Public Exposure to Personal Loss
18.09.2019  |  In Focus
The Best Answer to Extremism:
Building One Sri Lankan Society
11.09.2019  |  Society
Wronged Want Rights:
Displaced Sri Lankans Demands For New Constitution
08.08.2017  |  Politics
President of Fisheries Group:
‘Sri Lanka’s Fishing Resources Are Controlled By Big Business’
31.03.2017  |  Economy
Tragedy + Thievery:
A Tale of Two Mothers
20.03.2017  |  Society
Love In The Darkness:
The Young Sri Lankan Poet Who Swapped Bullets For Words
12.12.2016  |  Society