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Viruses infecting private media during COVID-19

The pandemic can create a rebirth for journalism

A commentary on how journalism in Sri Lanka can use the COVID-19 crisis to reinvent itself


An op-ed on the freedom of speech in these troubled times

The Impact of Sri Lanka’s Caste System

Caste Differences Within Races

“Because I married a girl from another caste, my family was not allowed to live in the same village”

The Archive of Memory

Sri Lanka After Independence

A review of ‘The Archive of Memory’ featuring 70 stories from Sri Lanka’s post-independence era

Carpentry Workshops in Moratuwa

Uniting Communities with Craftsmanship

How carpentry brings a community together


In conversation with Karate instructor Shihan Anto Dinesh on sports and creativity as forms of national reconciliation.


In this photo series, photographer Mahendra Dhammika captures the duality of human-animal interactions

Reconciliation Flows

Born on the Yan Oya River Dam

How shared problems within a multi-ethnic community can pave the way for reconciliation

Because individuality is different from national identity

Reconciliation is not a mathematical activity

The Catamaran in conversation with social activist and writer Sarmila Seyed

When someone asks you who you are:

The real answer should be”Sri Lankan”

In conversation with National Coordinator of Peace and Social Work, T. Dayabaran on reconciliation and our national identity

Beautiful Paintings by Beautiful Minds

Uniting the Country with Public Space Art

Artists of all ethnicities gather to create public space art to promote reconciliation

Helping Post-War Single-Parent Households

Economic Stability offered by Muslim Businessowners

How post-war, single parent households are offered economic stability by Muslim-owned businesses in Batticaloa

Seed-Bombing for Regeneration

Re-foresting War-Torn Forestlands

In conversation with conservationist and academic A.M.Riaz on his mission to reforest postwar Sri Lanka

President Rajapakse’s Priority

Will the New President Focus on Reconciliation?

Reflections on President Gotabaya Rajapakse’s swearing in ceremony at Ruwanweliseya

The Reconciliation Mechanism:

Memorial Parks as a Peacebuilding Platform

“Focus on small but profound efforts to bring about change will help people understand the tension between the ethnic groups” says Prof. Chandraleka Mownaguru


Ahmed Munas Makeen, Executive Director of CaFFE on monitoring violence and fraudulent campaigning at the upcoming presidential elections